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Take Your Special Event to the Next Level with a Live Flyboard Show

Enjoy Immersive Flyboard, Hydro Sports Shows Like You’ve Never Seen Before

In 2015, Hydro Water Sports became the first company in Dubai to organize flyboard hydro sports events. These day and nighttime shows boast of an assortment of LED lights and some mesmerizing acrobatics from some of the best professional flyboarders in the world.

Hydro Water Sports offers its private and corporate clients the chance to wow their guests at company events, yacht parties, pool parties, and even night clubs. No matter what the venue of your event is, as long as there’s water around, you can expect your guests to be in complete awe of the acrobatic prowess of our professional performers.

Our performers are professional trained to perform death-defying stunts up to 50 feet in the air. As such, you can rest assured that our performers will wow your audience as they rise from the water into the air in a matter of seconds. Enhanced by pulsating live music and an array of colorful LED lights, coupled with the feeling of water droplets on your face, you will get to enjoy a truly immersive Show like no other.

Flyboard Night Show with Digital LED Costumes

During our nighttime flyboarding events, all of our performers will be wearing specially designed LED costumes. These waterproof costumes that are fitted with an array of colorful synchronized and programmed LED lights take the show to a whole new level, which makes our flyboard hydro sports shows absolutely must-see events.

Real-Time Music Synchronization

To add more depth to each performance, the aerial acrobats that you will witness during our flyboard shows are synchronized with meticulous attention to detail. Our performers spend hours training with choreographers from around the world to create mesmerizing acrobatic moves to the beat.

Permanent Entertainment Shows

Our permanent aerial shows can consist of a single performer or several performers who will be performing acrobatic stunts at a time. We offer two variations of our hit flyboard water show:

  1. Daytime Flyboard Demo Show
  2. Nighttime with LED Suit & Flyboard Lights

Each of our flyboard water shows last for up to 10 to 15 minutes.

Event Shows

The best part is that our flyboard water shows can be performed in water as shallow as 1.5 meters, which means you can enjoy the acrobatics of our performers anywhere from the Marina, lake, beach, and even in a swimming pool. However, it is recommended that the water at your venue be 3 meters or deeper to perform high flying acrobatics, including somersaults.

We can also create tailored flyboard shows to fit your event, theme, and vision.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your imagination reach new heights. Contact Hydro Water Sports, Dubai today to find out more about our bespoke flyboard shows.

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