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About Us


Hydro Water Sports is the UAE’s leading provider of engaging water-based activities. Our vision is to lead globally through innovation, safety and guest experience in harmony with the oceans. Driven by strong values of sustainability, innovation, safety, and integrity, we pursue cutting-edge solutions, commit to environmental preservation, uphold trust and transparency, and prioritise a secure and healthy work environment.
With state-of-the-art equipment, we proudly invest in electric sourced activities, which positively impacts corporate sustainability efforts by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving air quality, and emphasising the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

We are part of Hydro Sports Group, present internationally within the luxury hospitality market across the UAE, Bahamas, Egypt, and Dominican Republic. In the UAE, we proudly operate an incredible portfolio of globally iconic luxury hotels offering high standards of water sports, luxury yacht excursions, boat cruises, and diving activities. Our mission is to redefine aquatic adventures with innovation, safety, and sustainability. We create unforgettable memories by connecting people with new experiences in the world’s most beautiful destinations.

Our Partners

Our services are used by global luxury brands, including Mandarine Oriental, One&Only, Caesar’s Palace, and the Jumeirah Group & Atlantis Hotels UAE Choose from over 40 fantastic activities in 4 different countries with over 20 stunning locations.

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