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Know More About Flyboard Tricks with Hydro Water Sports

Flyboard Tricks

The late spring season is the best time to do some outdoor activities. You will never feel reluctant to go out because of the chilly climate. You can wear anything you desire without covering your whole body. Some individuals buckle down to achieve that “mid-year body” with the goal to flaunt it by the shoreline or on the beach. The best time to have an exercise is the mid-year season by the shoreline or the lake—where you can have the best and great time without faltering to bounce in the water.

To make your summer holidays even more fun, rent or have a session of Flyboard at Hydro Water Sports Dubai. A Flyboard is certainly one of the best inventions of the 21st century when it comes to water sports. It is almost as iconic as the PWC (Personal Water Craft), which was introduced in the 1960s. This amazing water sports equipment took the world by storm after its launch in 2012. It has also become an official water sport event, and world championships are held every year.

The best thing about Flyboard is that you don’t have to be a professional athlete to perform some of the basic tricks with it. Even if you are a beginner, you can master some of the tricks with a bit of practice.

Below are some of the basic tricks that even a beginner can attempt on a Flyboard:

1.   The Dolphin Dive

The dolphin dive is said to be the signature move of the Flyboard. It is also probably the easiest trick that you can perform on a Flyboard. It might look terrifying at first, but once you try it, you will look like a master or a pro Flyboarder.

All you have to do is just rise up a bit above the water and then dive in the water at 45-degree angle. That’s it. Once you have mastered it, keep repeating it several times in a row like mimicking a dolphin jumping out of the water.

2.   Back Dolphin Dive

Once you have mastered the basic dolphin dive, you can step up your game by learning the back-dolphin dive. To attempt this trick, just rise above the water as high as you can. Once you have reached the maximum height, dive backwards like you are doing a back flip. Spin your body as you approach the water, head first to dive straight. This might sound like a basic diving trick, but it looks spectacular from a distance. You can therefore, impress your friends by showing them this trick by having a Flyboard session with Hydro Water Sports.

3.   Backwards Flying

The moment you hop on a Flyboard, you will feel like Ironman levitating above the water. Once you master the basic levitation, flying forward is the easiest thing that you will be able to do. However, the most impressive feature will be to fly backwards. It might be a bit scary at first, but you just have to be confident enough to give it a go.

4.   The Backflip

Backflip is one of the coolest moves on land. Now just imagine how good it would look when you do it while levitating above the water. The best thing about doing a backflip on a Flyboard is that it is much easier to perform than on land. It doesn’t matter if you are unable to do a backflip on the ground; you can certainly do it on a Flyboard with a bit of practice.

If you are looking to rent a Flyboard in Dubai, then the best company to contact is Hydro Water Sports, you can see our past guest reviews that they are happy about the company and how they were being served. We offer Flyboard by Zapata Racing for rent at multiple location, including Ritz Carlton Dubai, Sandy Beach Hotel and Blue Diamonds Hotel in Fujairah. Contact us if you are looking to have a session or interested in buying a Flyboard in UAE. We offer the best products and services in the state when it comes to Flyboarding.

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