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Your Guide Into Flyboarding

Fly above the world and get a new Summer 2015, we started flying. The Flyboard’s rider is flown into the air by two jet streams of water pumped through a hose is connected with a Jet Ski. So imagine, that all that power that pushes a Jet Ski, at 100 km/h, is now going into the Flyboard.

Nowadays, competitions of professional riders doing multiple flips and dives, are being held worldwide. In places like Dubai, Bahamas, California, Mexico, etc.

In 2015, Hydro watersports was born, and the adrenaline rush in Dubai began to grow in the shores. Now the question is, do you how it feels to fly? Let me tell you this, it is nothing you’ve really felt before, you are floating, up in the air, in the middle of the water. Whoa! Fun tricks, flips and high rush, but how?

First Step. Learn the basics.

At Hydro Watersports, we give a 20 mins lessons and trial for Flyboarding enthusiasts. It only takes 5 minutes to learn, but a lot of trials to master the ride!

Always follow what the experts tell you during the training. Pay attention to every single detail they say, make sure you listen to small details, they matter!

Basic instructions are simple. Make sure you always have a good distance from the Jet Ski. Have a stand up position when in the water and the flyboard beneath you. And Keep your legs locked into each other, and the water will do its work to pump you up.

How to control the moves? Well, once you are up, pointing the toes down will push you forward, and obviously, pointing them up will move you to the back. If you want to move right, easy, lift your left knew up, and yes you guessed it right, moving your right knee up will take you the left.

How high can you go? This is adjusted and controlled by the pressure of the Jet Ski, the instructor will adjust it according to your skills!

Second. Have the right equipment.

You can actually buy a Flyboard for something like AED 30,000. But taking a ride on the beach for a short time will cost you just AED 250. Basically, you can become Iron Man of the sea for this low price!

Make sure you are equipped with the right needs for this fun adventure, remember, safety first! We provide you with the latest personal watercraft, the ultimate Flyboard, a helmet, and life jacket. All ready for the fun!

Step Three. Be patient.

It is not easy to master flyboarding, but is also not the hardest thing on earth. Make sure you are an expert at the basics, and start learning how to do the expert moves once you have mastered the basic ones. Never give up. It will pay off, you will be an expert at flyboarding, and it will be worth every single effort to have the time of your life!

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