A water hoverboard, also known as a hydro hoverboard or aqua hoverboard, is a thrilling water sports device that allows riders to glide above the water’s surface using jet propulsion technology. Riders stand on the board, which is typically connected to a watercraft via a long hose, and water is forced through the board, creating lift and propelling the rider forward. It provides an exciting and unique experience of hovering above the water, similar to a hoverboard in the air.


Duration is from 30 Minutes to 60 Minutes as per your booking

Ensuring a safe and enjoyable flyboarding experience is paramount to our commitment to customer satisfaction. At Hydro Water Sports, we prioritize several key safety elements to guarantee a secure and thrilling adventure for all participants. Our expert instructors are certified and well-trained, providing comprehensive pre-flight briefings to familiarize participants with the equipment and safety guidelines.


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