Conquer your fear as you allow yourself to elevate and manoeuvre above the water Get your heart racing with an aquatic adventure on the Jetovator, an innovative water sports gadget that’s akin to cycling on water. For novices, the Jetovator sessions run for a half-hour, preceded by a helpful 10-minute briefing from a seasoned instructor to ensure both enjoyment and safety during your ride. Trust your instructor to guide you and adjust the power to match your proficiency. Once you’ve grown accustomed to the apparatus, the instructor will introduce you to mastering additional maneuvers, including spins and lateral movements in both directions.


Duration is from 30 Minutes to 60 Minutes as per your booking

Ensuring a safe and enjoyable flyboarding experience is paramount to our commitment to customer satisfaction. At Hydro Water Sports, we prioritize several key safety elements to guarantee a secure and thrilling adventure for all participants. Our expert instructors are certified and well-trained, providing comprehensive pre-flight briefings to familiarize participants with the equipment and safety guidelines.

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